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FlinterFile: R.E.M.- Nightswimming


Sometimes a song is already there, but needs time to get finished. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Robby Valentine- Over And Over Again


Robby Valentine is a Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Bizarre Inc.- I’m Gonna Get You

bizzare inc i'm gonna get you

In 1992, Bizarre Inc invited Angie Brown to record a song for their new album Energique. Angie Brown had done a lot of backing vocals, for artists such as Kate Bush, Chaka Khan, Grace Jones and Lisa Stansfield. With a sample from Jocelyn Brown they had a number 3 hit in the UK and even a number 1 hit in the American and Canadian dance charts! Enjoy

Bizarre Inc featuring Angie Brown- I’m Gonna Get You

Song of the day: Jimmy Nail- Ain’t No Doubt


In 1992, Jimmy Nail composed a song together with Guy Pratt, Danny Schrogger and Charlie Dore. They would make it to number 1 in the UK for two full weeks! It is about a relationship which is going downwards, since the man and the woman don’t understand each other. Sylvia Mason-James did some extra vocals on this song. Enjoy

Jimmy Nail- Ain’t No Doubt

Song of the day: Annie Lennox- Why

annie lennox why

After her time with Dave Stewart as Eurythmics, Annie Lennox went solo. In 1992, she released her first solo-album: Diva. This song was a single from that album, and it ended up on number 34 in the US. In the UK it did number 5 and it even hit number one in Italy! Lennox wrote the song, according to her, in ten minutes and it was about where she wanted to go in life. Enjoy

Annie Lennox- Why

Song of the day: Beckie Bell- Steppin’ Out Tonight

beckie bell steppin' out tonight

In the nineties, 1992, Beckie Bell had a big hit with the song Steppin’ Out Tonight. There’s just one problem for me: this great dance track did not chart in the US or UK, only did number 4 in the Netherlands. There’s no information to be found, but it’s a great track! Enjoy and dance to

Beckie Bell- Steppin’ Out Tonight

Song of the day: Londonbeat- You Bring On The Sun


It may seem as a strange choice, the song of today. Of course, it’s danceable (since it’s Saturday), but still… it never was a big hit. Londonbeat is mostly known from I’ve Been Thinking About You, which reached number one in a lot of countries. In 1992, they released a new album: Harmony. On this album, the song of today is included. In the UK the song reached 32, so it was a minor hit. However, it was a bigger hit in the Netherlands (5), Germany (6) and Sweden (9). The song has the summer feeling and is danceable, so let’s enjoy

Londonbeat- You Bring On The Sun

Song of the day: Jon Secada- Just Another Day


Just relaxed. I know this song from a radio station which my parents listened a lot on holidays, and I still like the song. It takes me to a relaxed mood, and it’s very smooth. A very big hit in 1992, which I can understand. It was a relaxed song, in the midst of all the dance and house. Enjoy

Jon Secada- Just Another Day

Song of the day: Vanessa Paradis- Be My Baby


Ever heard the real disco sound of the nineties? No? I think you’re wrong. Probably you think that disco is something of the seventies, eighties, and then it disappeared. NO! Disco got another name, namely dance, but it still stayed. And if you really want to know, the song of the day is a real discosong, only it was never named that way. And it’s the only song which was a hit by the artist, which is strange, since the song is so nice! Enjoy:

Vanessa Paradis- Be My Baby

Song of the day: The Goodmen- Give It Up


A real nineties dance classic today! And there’s one nice thing which it has in common with Fiesta from the Sunclub.
And yes, if you listen to them, you might say: they are totally different, apart from that they both sound sunny. But what do they have in common? Well, the whistle. And for some reason, this whistle gives an extra dimension to the song. Or at least for me it does. Since I knew Fiesta earlier than this song, I combine the whistle with summer (isn’t this a nice example of Pavlov?) So maybe this is the cause for me to call it a summer hit, although it was a hit in the U.S.A. in November. In Holland, it actually did good in the period before summer, having the highest position in May.


The Good Men- Give It Up

Song of the day: Dr. Alban- It’s My Life

Hi there,

Today we’ve got a dentist in the house!
The singing dentist had one of his first big hits in 1992.
And this hit is the song of the day…

Dr. Alban sings his big hit It’s My Life!

Tomorrow something mysterious…

Song of the day: Genesis- Jesus He Knows Me

Hello everybody!!!

Here’s another song of the day, with a nice clip!
The song is made by Genesis, a music group which is active since the sixties, and it was active until 2010.
And… wait! In Genesis, there was an artist we already know! Peter Gabriel, from the stopmotion video of Sledgehammer!
That’s nice, isn’t it?

Well, tomorrow.. Oh wait! I forgot the song! The song of the day is Jesus He Knows Me.
It’s one of the later songs of Genesis, from 1992.

Tomorrow a new song, and since the weather is so bad, it’s going to rain!

“Huh?? What does he mean?”
“How am I supposed to know that? He’s so cryptic, I mostly don’t know what song is the song of the day!”