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FlinterFile: Herman Finkers & Brigitte Kaandorp- Duet

In 1990 the cabaret performers Herman Finkers and Brigitte Kaandorp recorded a duet. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Wilson Phillips- Release Me


The harmony of Wilson Phillips sold well in 1990. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Beautiful South- A Little Time


In 1990, the Beautiful South had their first number 1 hit in the UK. They were formed by several members of the Housemartins, together with several other people and their old roadie. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Iggy Pop- Candy


In 1990, Iggy Pop recorded a duet with Kate Pierson (the B-52’s). In the song, Iggy looks back at an old relationship with a woman, Betsy. Kate brought in the perspective of the woman, who misses him as well. The idea of the song worked out well, making it to number 7 in the Netherlands. In the US, it made it to number 28. Enjoy

Iggy Pop- Candy

Song of the day: Snap!- The Power


In 1990, Snap! released their third single The Power. The song starts with a Russian line, which says an American compagny has started the production of a voice-controlled computer for blind people. Originally, the complete song vocals were made up of samples, but for a US release, they couldn’t use those, since they were not authorized to do that. Instead, they re-recorded the song with different vocals and still used some samples. The result: number 1 in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and several other countries, number 2 in the US. Enjoy

Snap!- The Power

Song of the day: Phil Collins- I Wish It Would Rain Down


In 1990, Phil Collins released another single from his album …But Seriously. For the song, he invited Eric Clapton, who had never before played on a Phil Collins record. As Phil Collins said: this is right down your street. The music video contained a lot of humour and references to Cream and Genesis. The song itself peaked at number 1 in Canada, number 3 in the US and number 7 in the UK. Enjoy

Phil Collins- I Wish It Would Rain Down

Song of the day: Maxi Priest- Close To You

maxi priest close to you

In 1990, a song by Maxi Priest would make it to the first place in the Billboard Hot 100. The artist is a British singer, who mostly records reggae songs. He already had had hits with songs such as Wild World, and this would be one of his biggest summer hits. It sounds like the summer does, so enjoy

Maxi Priest- Close To You

Song of the day: Charles D Lewis- Soca Dance


The origin of this song lays in 1989. A French TV-station supports the Lambada, which becomes a big summer hit and has a dance with it. The year after, so in 1990, they decide to try the same trick again. They search for a combination between a dance and exotic sounds. The final choice is made for this song. The song became a huge hit in France, charting at number one as the highest position, just like in Belgium. In Germany it reached number 10. Enjoy

Charles D. Lewis- Soca Dance

Song of the day: EMF- Unbelievable

emf unbelievable

This song comes from the early nineties (1990)! And it has some influences from a US comedian in it. The words ‘you’re unbelievable’ and the oh! in the beginning were sampled from Andrew Dice Clay. Thereby, there’s another sample from a Hi-Teck 3, which was a project from Technotronic. However, the rest of the song was made by EMF, and what a hit it was. Enjoy

EMF- Unbelievable

Song of the day: Black Box- Strike It Up


Some nineties today. And I don’t know what about you, but I’m getting very irritated by this picture. Therefore, I will not type a lot. I can say it is a great dance track, 1990. Enjoy

Black Box- Strike It Up

Song of the day: AC/DC- Thunderstruck

thunderstruck acdc

Now it’s getting heavy! We’re entering the nineties. This means a time with boybands, dance, house and then this is something completely different! I’m not a big fan of AC/DC, but there are songs I like. Highway to Hell is such a song, but this is another of these songs. I mean: it’s great to shout with it, and the intro is just crazy good! And this guy that’s singing for AC/DC is just amazing. Such a voice, but especially his choice of cars (Top Gear, I watch it too). The cars he drives in, open, old, I completely like them! Enjoy

AC/DC- Thunderstruck

Summer Song of the Day #8: UB40- Red Red Wine

ub40 red red wine

A band which is one of my favourites is UB40. Their music is relaxed, reggae, and happy. Since summer is here, they can’t miss in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20!
Unfortunately, the song which you have voted for and which is on number 8, Red Red Wine, has been song of the day once before.

So I want to focus on another good song of them. The song which is not in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 is a single by them from 1990. It was a cover of an older song, but they had a hit with the song.
The song was a big hit all over the world. Of course I’m talking about Kingston Town, the (unofficial) song of the day.

Number 8: UB40- Red Red Wine

Song of the day: Janet Jackson- What Have You Done For Me Lately?

janet jackson design of a decade

You might now think: Who’s that woman and what is she doing on this blog?
Well, let me introduce to you: Janet Jackson, the sister of Michael. And this is, for the people who have not recognized it, the front of her greatest hits album Design Of A Decade: 1986-1996.
Some people think this title is not the right title for this album, since it mainly features songs in the period 1986-1990, but that all does not matter.
Those people probably don’t listen to the album but only discuss about what’s on there.

I listen to the album and hear great songs, and of course, my personal favourite is song of the day.
It’s a song which I think is very nice to hear, it’s What Have You Done For Me Lately?