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FlinterFile: De Dijk- Dansen Op De Vulkaan

This song by De Dijk, released in 1987, never reached the charts. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Richenel- Temptation

The Dutch artist Richenel was mainly in the eighties popular. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Prince- If I Was Your Girlfriend


Originally, Prince had some plans to do a project as a female alter-ego named Camille. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Firm- Star Trekkin’


In the eighties, the Firm was mainly known for their novelty hits. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Stock, Aitken and Waterman- Roadblock


In the eighties, a very important producer trio was Stock Aitken and Waterman. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Freddie Mercury- The Great Pretender


This song dates back to 1956, when the Platters took it to the charts. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Mel & Kim- Respectable


In 1987, Stock, Aitken and Waterman had their first number 1 hit (UK) they composed and produced together. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Joe Smooth- Promised Land


In 1987, Joe Smooth released his biggest hit. The DJ and producer helped to develop the House genre with this song. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Wendy & Lisa- Waterfall


In 1987, Wendy & Lisa made their debut with this song. They first met each other in the band The Revolution. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Icehouse- Crazy


In 1987, the Australian band Icehouse had a big hit in the US. The band once started as Flowers, playing covers of songs by for example David Bowie, T.Rex and Lou Reed. After hitting the charts in 1980, they signed up at Chrysalis, which meant they had to change their name. The song Crazy was written by Iva Davies and Andy Qunta for the album Man of Colours. The song is about a man who thinks it is crazy if a woman loves a man like himself. It was number 38 in the UK, and number 14 in the US. Enjoy

Icehouse- Crazy

FlinterFile: Labi Siffre- (Something Inside) So Strong


In 1987, Labi Siffre released his protest against Apartheid. Labi Siffre was already retired from music (he did so himself), but forgot all that when he saw a white soldier shooting at black children. Actually, he first thought of giving the song to another singer, but when he finished writing, he was convinced he should record it himself. And so he did, with success: it became a number 4 hit in the UK, one of his highest chart positions. Enjoy

Labi Siffre- (Something Inside) So Strong

FlinterFile: Breakfast Club- Right On Track


In 1987, a new wave band that was formed in the late seventies had their only charting hit from their only album. And in that time, Madonna (not yet famous, as she debuted in 1983) played drums and guitar in the band. The band would rehearse all through the night and eat breakfast together in a local diner, hence the name. Madonna left the band when she was not allowed to be the frontlady… this particular song was produced by Jimmy Iovine (producer at the time of U2, the Pretenders, and Bruce Springsteen), the background vocals were sung by Jocelyn Brown. And Madonna? She was furious… the song ended on number 7 in the US and number 54 in the UK. Enjoy

Breakfast Club- Right On Track

Song of the day: Wet Wet Wet- Wishing I Was Lucky

wet wet wet wishing i was lucky

In 1987, Wet Wet Wet made their debut. Their first single was Wishing I Was Lucky, which was recorded on a thight budget: it only cost them 600 pound! The drummer, Tommy Cunningham, heard the single on the radio when he was in a shop. Surprised he felt like shouting that it was his song. Eventually, it became a number 6 hit in the UK. In the US, it made it to number 58. Enjoy

Wet Wet Wet- Wishing I Was Lucky

Song of the day: Foreigner- Say You Will


In 1987, Lou Gramm and Mick Jones (both Foreigner members) wrote the song Say You Will for the new album, Inside Information. The song was one of the last hits Foreigner had in the US, reaching number 6. In the UK it was not a big hit, reaching number 71… In the song, the combination between synthesizers and guitars is quite clear and that makes it the classic it is. Enjoy

Foreigner- Say You Will

Song of the day: Level 42- Running In The Family


In 1987, Level 42 released its seventh studio album, and one of the singles is the title track. It was a number 6 hit in the UK, and that’s not strange: there were some UK singles that had a fault in the pressing, making it skip some times. In the US, the single did number 83. It made them famous in quite some countries that they had not yet reached. The song was there already in 1986, live with different lyrics. Enjoy

Level 42- Running In The Family

Song of the day: Mory Kante- Yé Ké Yé Ké

mory kante yeke yeke

In 1987, a singer called Mory Kanté was a hit. He came from Guinea and that means that the sounds of Africa influence this song, making it a summer hit. And it went up in the charts, reaching number one in some countries, especially in Europe. It was the first hit from Africa which sold over a million records! Later it was remixed and covered, which made a re-entry in the charts. However, these versions were not as successful as the original version. Enjoy

Mory Kanté- Yé Ké Yé Ké

Song of the day: Luis Cobos- Tempo D’Italia

luis cobos tempo d'italia

In 1987, the Spanish composer and conductor made a new single. It would become a medley of all sorts of classical Italian pieces, which takes the listener on a 5 minute trip through the composers of Italy. And here comes the bad part (for me, that is): I simply have got no clue which songs he plays. Some I can determine, but it stops with one or two… if you have a clue, I’d like to hear it! For example: the first song sounds familiar, but I have no idea which song it is. However, it’s a great medley! Enjoy

Luis Cobos- Tempo D’Italia

Song of the day: France Gall- Ella Elle L’a

france gall ella elle l'a

Again a French song which was later covered by Kate Ryan. Though both versions are completely different, you can hear they are identical in some parts. In 1987, the original, made by France Gall, was released. It was meant as a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, a great jazz singer by the way, who will be featured later. In quite some charts it ended in the top 5. Kate Ryan made her version in 2008. However, today we go for the original. Enjoy

France Gall- Ella Elle L’a

Song of the day: Alexander O’Neal- Criticize


Today, the summer has started. On the first of July, I will start posting summer songs (they are coming, just a little patience). For tonight, I’ve got a nice disco classic. It was the biggest hit of Alexander O’Neal till now, reaching number 4 in the UK. It was recorded in 1985, though it was released two years later! Strange, isn’t it? However, it still is a great song, and I think you should put on the dancing shoes and get down to

Alexander O’Neal- Criticize

Song of the day: Suzanne Vega- Tom’s Diner

suzanne vega toms diner

A few days ago, I heard a song on the radio which made me think of another song. Sounds a bit strange, but I knew the text, however, the music did not sound right. Luckily my laptop was on, so I googled the lyrics. And then I found out this song the radio was playing was a remix of the eighties song by Suzanne Vega. To me, it seemed useless, since the real original was good, and the dance version was worse than dance versions normally are. This song was written in 1981 by Suzanne Vega, then it was released by a magazine in 1984, but three years later, in 1987, it was featured on her debute album as the first track. So I was thinking: Tom’s Diner? What’s that? Well, it’s a restaurant in New York, Tom’s Restaurant. To find out the date of writing, a sort of puzzle has to be solved. Some people have done this for me, but I’ll guide you through.

An actor has died of drinking, as Suzanne Vega reads in the newspaper on the front page. She then turns to the backside, to read the funnies. This means she is reading the New York Post, which has both of the conditions. The actor is William Holden (Bridge Over The River Kwai). The article about his death was published on the 18th of November in 1981, which is believed to be the writing day.

Enough information. A beautiful song, both in composition and in clever (short) lines. Enjoy

Suzanne Vega- Tom’s Diner

Song of the day: George Harrison- Got My Mind Set On You


Yeah, I’m a big fan of the Beatles. Great songs (although the drugs could have been some lesser: Hey Jude is not exactly inspiring…) and great music. After the Beatles, all of the members went solo. John Lennon had a big hit with Imagine, Paul McCartney did some work with the Wings and Ringo Starr also did something (although his work is not really remembered). George Harrison had a big hit with My Sweet Lord, but I think this song is better. It was a cover from a sixties song by James Ray, and it actually isn’t about religion (which is rare for Harrison songs!). And it’s great to sing along to… Enjoy

George Harrison- Got My Mind Set On You

Song of the day: LL Cool J- I Need Love


An eighties rapper today, who was very desperate for love, I think. Not only the song is looking for love, his name, too. It means: Ladies Love Cool James. Yeah, bit too, I think. However, his song in 1987 helped him to become one of the biggest stars in hip hop, and he made some nice songs. Thereby, he did some collaborate with Shalamar and Jennifer Lopez, so I think he doesn’t need love anymore. He gets enough from adoring women. However, it was his debute hit, so in the time, he needed it. Enjoy

L.L. Cool J- I Need Love

Song of the day: Black- Wonderful Life

black wonderful world

When at first you don’t succeed, you try again. That must have been the strategy of Black. He had written a song after divorcing his wife, which he recorded solo under the name of the group he had first been in (which was a trio called Black). The first release of his single, in 1986, had no success. So he thought: “let’s release it again.” And he did so in 1987, causing a massive success. As far as I know, he only changed the record compagny. There were some other, small (bottom of the 100 single chart in the UK) hits, but this one really made it, making it to number 8 in the UK. Enjoy

Black- Wonderful Life

Song of the day: Gino Vannelli- Wild Horses

gino vannelli wild horses

The same year as the song of yesterday, 1987. To me, this is his most known song, but he seems to have had other, bigger hits. I never heard them. This song I’ve heard, otherwise I couldn’t write about it. And it’s about love, mad love, I would call it. Strong, because it would take lots of wild horses to drag Gino away from a girl. But it’s a great song. Just listen to the music: you can hear the horses running, you can feel the arizona plain. And then the keyboard, adding a special touch to the song. Great! Enjoy

Gino Vannelli- Wild Horses

Song of the day: Belinda Carlisle- Heaven Is A Place On Earth


A real good song and hit from the eighties today! She seems to be a lead singer of some group, but I’ve never heard of that group before. However, I do know this song. It’s a beautiful song about the one thing all singers eventually make a song about… love. In this song, heaven is a metaphor for love, and they want to create a world of love on earth between the two. A great idea! Enjoy

Belinda Carlisle- Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Song of the day: Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme


Oh, yes. This is really eighties. For the ones who’ve missed it, Crockett’s Theme is the themesong of Miami Vice. And for the ones who don’t know that one, it was a popular series in the eighties. I’ve never seen it, but I know this song. Instrumental and a very good song! I must say that they drove around in pretty cars, but that’s just some side note. Listen to the lovely music of the synthesizer eighties:

Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme

Summer Song of the Day #18: Ultimate Kaos- Casanova

ultimate kaos casanova

Mmm… the nineties. I love the nineties! And the eighties, of course. And the rest of good music.
Ultimate Kaos is a typical example of a group which had several smaller hits, but one hit which stayed in our minds and which is played more often.
This hit which we remembered has brought them big success, and it is good for a place in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20, number 18!
And yes, I know that they had the song of the day once before, but okay…
Therefore a small fact: it is a cover. The original song is made by LeVert, and they recorded Casanova in 1987!

No. 18: Ultimate Kaos- Casanova

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac- Little Lies


In 1987, Fleetwood Mac got back together. They had been working on solo projects for four years, but now they were back together. Read the rest of this entry