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Song of the day: Shakin’ Stevens- Merry Christmas Everyone


Already in 1984, Shakin’ Stevens had recorded this song. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: U2- The Unforgettable Fire

When U2 was touring in 1983, they didn’t only play concerts. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Loose Ends- Hangin’ On A String

The band Loose Ends released their second album in 1985. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Mainframe- 5 Minutes

Mainframe is a band from the early eighties that is largely forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush actually named this song Deal With God. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Splitsing- Wind en Zeilen

The band Splitsing was a Dutch band which started in 1982. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Madonna- Into The Groove


In 1985, Madonna would have her first UK number 1 hit. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Marillion- Lavender


Marillion probably ist best known for their album Misplaced Childhood with the single Kayleigh. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Alan Parsons Project- Let’s Talk About Me


The Alan Parsons Project released a curious album in 1984, Vulture Culture. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Modern Talking- You Can Win If You Want


The debut album of Modern Talking, The 1st Album, had quite some hits on it. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Diana Ross- Chain Reaction


In 1985, Diana Ross released her ‘disco’ album Eaten Alive, with some songs written by the BeeGees.  Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Killing Joke- Love Like Blood


In 1985, Killing Joke released their only big hit. They refused to promote the regular way and also did not follow the musical trends, which brought them a specific audience. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls


In 1985, the Pet Shop Boys re-recorded the song West End Girls. The first time they recorded it was with Bobby O, who had the drum pattern of Billy Jean programmed. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Glenn Frey- You Belong To The City


In 1985, Glenn Frey released a song that would be used in Miami Vice. The song was about a city, and how you can be very lonely in a crowded city. Glenn Frey played all instruments, except for the drums and the saxophone (which is played by Bill Bergman).  Glenn Frey also acted once in the series, Miami Vice, in an episode that was based on another of his songs, Smuggler’s Blues. The song reached number 2 in the US charts, just under Starship with We Built This City. Enjoy

Glenn Frey- You Belong To The City

R.I.P. Glenn Frey. He died at the age of 67 years old.

FlinterFile: The Rah Band- Clouds Across The Moon


In 1985, the RAH band released a successful song. Or rather I should say: Richard Anthony Hewson released a successful song, since the RAH band had one member: Richard Anthony Hewson. Hewson, who was a successful producer for The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Chris Rea, Supertramp, Art Garfunkel and many, many others, invented the RAH band in 1977, when he wanted to release a song by himself. This was an instrumental hit, and the second hit, Clouds Across the Moon, was sung by his wife, Liz, and charted at number 6 in the UK. Enjoy

The RAH Band- Clouds Across The Moon

FlinterFile: Huey Lewis & the News- The Power Of Love


Great Scott! This is the future! Yes, today is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the future (in the second movie). However, in 1985, the first movie was released and one of the songs on the soundtrack was The Power Of Love. Originally, Huey Lewis had another song for the movie (Nick Of Time), but eventually it was never made. Patti LaBelle did sing it, but for another movie. Huey Lewis sung another song for the movie (Back In Time). Alex Call, who was a good friend of Huey Lewis, thought of the title The Power Of Love. He does get money for the song, though he is not credited. The horn section of Tower of Power played on the song, and they toured with Huey Lewis, which ment Huey Lewis had to promote Tower Of Power, as that was the deal. All those things together, the song was finished. This was two days before the movie was finished! The song did great in the charts, with number 9 in the UK and number 1 in the US! Enjoy

Huey Lewis & the News- The Power Of Love

Well, we probably had some kind of disruption in the space time continuum, since the future predicted doesn’t exactly look like the present, if you understand what I mean… luckily, this song survived!

FlinterFile: Pete Townshend- Face The Face


In 1985, Pete Townshend released a novel on record, that is: the album was subtitled a novel, making the album a concept album. The song was made to be uptempo. Pete Townshend played some parts he had in his mind on a keyboard, remarking to someone in the studio that he wanted these parts played several times. With this done, and the other instruments played, everything was overdubbed. When it was done, it was released as a single, reaching number 26 in the US, and only number 89 in the UK… Enjoy

Pete Townshend- Face The Face

Song of the day: Jenny Burton- Bad Habits


In 1985, Jenny Burton released her second solo album. The year before, she had had some top 20 hits with her first solo singles, but now she had a number 1 hit in the US dance chart with the song Bad Habits. After this song, she released one other dance single, which did not chart that high, and the last years she has been releasing gospel albums. Enjoy

Jenny Burton- Bad Habits

Song of the day: A-Ha- The Sun Always Shines On TV


In 1985, A-Ha had established their career with their debut album, of which Take On Me was the second single and a big hit. They released The Sun Always Shines On TV as the follow-up, but the recording did not go smoothly. Though the secretary thought it was a big hit, they were sick when recording it, having two members lying on beds in the studio. In the UK it became number 1, in the US number 20. Enjoy

A-Ha- The Sun Always Shines On TV

Song of the day: Eric Clapton- Forever Man

eric clapton forever man

In 1985, the album Behind the Sun from Eric Clapton was released. The marriage of Eric Clapton was not too good at the time of the album, so most of the songs had a sombre tone. The record compagny wanted some more ‘happy’ songs, with a faster tempo, so Jerry Williams wrote Forever Man, which says the love will last forever. The marriage of Clapton ended in 1988. The song ended on 26 in the US. The music video was directed by Godley & Creme. Enjoy

Eric Clapton- Forever Man

Song of the day: Dire Straits- Money For Nothing


In 1985, the Dire Straits released the album Brothers In Arms, which would be a big hit album. The song is about a working class man, who comments on music videos. The intro is sung by Sting, who also was a co-writer. Mark Knopfler wanted to imitate the guitar playing of ZZ Top in the song, and though the guitarist of ZZ Top did not tell Knopfler a thing about it, he has said that Knopfler did do a very good job. The video of the song was the first to be aired on MTV Europe… In the US it was number 1, in the UK number 4. Enjoy

Dire Straits- Money For Nothing

Song of the day: Kate Bush- Cloudbusting

kate bush cloudbusting

In 1985, Kate Bush released the album The Hounds Of Love, which would peak in the album charts. One of the singles, Cloudbusting, was inspired by a book, A Book Of Dreams, which Kate Bush had read. The song tells the story of the writer, Peter Reich, who would go and make rain with his father, using a cloudbuster (as seen on the photo). It would chart at number 20 in the UK, and number 11 in the Netherlands. Enjoy

Kate Bush- Cloudbusting

Song of the day: Sting- Love Is The Seventh Wave


In 1985, Sting released his first solo album, The Dream Of The Blue Turtles. The first single of the album was If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, and this was the second single. It describes how love conquers all of the other problems. The end of the song refers to Every Breath You Take, by the Police. This contrasts, because it’s about the dark side of love… Enjoy

Sting- Love Is The Seventh Wave

Song of the day: The Waterboys- The Whole Of The Moon


An eighties classic by the Waterboys today! It was not an instant success, but as time goes by, it became the best known song for the band. The song also was a source for a lot of speculation, which all started when the girlfriend of Mike Scott (the founder of the band) asked if it was difficult to write lyrics for a song. He wrote some things on the back of an envelope, which was the basis for the song. It’s a tribute to several people, like C.S. Lewis. However, it was definitely not about Prince, as many people seem to believe. Enjoy

The Waterboys- The Whole Of The Moon

Song of the day: Baltimora- Tarzan Boy


In 1985, an Italian act had a hit with its debut single. It would be their only hit, but then it was a very big hit: it was 1 in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, reached 3 in the UK and made it to 13 in the US. It uses the cry of Tarzan in the refrain, which makes it recognizable for Tarzan fans. I like the song very much, enjoy

Baltimora- Tarzan Boy

Song of the day: Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

matia bazar ti sento

Again eighties! However, it seems not to have hit a lot of charts. In the Italian and Belgian charts it was on the highest position, in the Netherlands on spot two. Strangely enough, a cover version by Scooter seems to have had more success… I heard and compared both songs, and the original is just the best! Enjoy the Italian summer sounds of

Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

Song of the day: Billy Ocean- When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going

billy ocean when the going gets tough

Saturday = disco night. For today, I tried to find something which is a bit in the line of the summer. Whether I succeeded, you may decide for yourself. It was written in 1985 as title track for the movie Jewel of the Nile. Together with the video, which featured the stars of the movie, it made it to the first place in the UK and the second place in the US. I would say: put on your dancingshoes and get dancing to

Billy Ocean- When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Song of the day: Alexander O’Neal- Criticize


Today, the summer has started. On the first of July, I will start posting summer songs (they are coming, just a little patience). For tonight, I’ve got a nice disco classic. It was the biggest hit of Alexander O’Neal till now, reaching number 4 in the UK. It was recorded in 1985, though it was released two years later! Strange, isn’t it? However, it still is a great song, and I think you should put on the dancing shoes and get down to

Alexander O’Neal- Criticize

Song of the day: Debarge- Rhythm Of The Night


Because Saturday night is made for partying and dancing to good disco music, here’s another floorfiller. It’s the 1985 hit by DeBarge, recorded on the Motown label, and the one and only hit for DeBarge. The producer already had made big hits for the Pointer Sisters and the writer was Diane Warren, who later wrote hits like Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now and  Can’t Fight The Moonlight. In a lot of countries it went to the highest positions of the hit charts, and that’s logical: it’s a great song to dance on! Enjoy

DeBarge- Rhythm Of The Night

Song of the day: The Outfield- Your Love

outfield lose your love

A song from 1985 today. It came from the debute album of the Outfield, but despite the band being British, they did not have success in their own country. Across the ocean, in the USA, they found a lot of success, where they reached a great number 6 spot in the hit chart. And I too think it’s a great song, so enjoy

The Outfield- Your Love

Song of the day: Narada Michael Walden- Gimme Gimme Gimme


Another eighties song today, from 1985 to be complete. The singer had more success, however, as a writer or producer than as a singer. A few examples of songs where he was involved are I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship and I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) from Whitney Houston. As a singer, he had a few hit songs, and one of the songs is a happy song of the day:

Narada Michael Walden & Patti Austin- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Song of the day: Tears For Fears- Shout

tears for fears shout

Some eighties today, with a song which was inspired on a theraphy of psychiatrists. They believed, that if you shouted long enough, all your problems were less. No idea if it worked, but it sounds logical. A good shout sometimes really works. However, Tears for Fears made a song out of it, and it became a hit. Enjoy

Tears For Fears- Shout

Song of the day: John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire

john parr st elmo's fire

To be fair with you: I had to look the song up, because I had some idea I knew the song, but I really couldn’t think of any melody or text which belonged to this hit from 1985. I heard the first tones, and I thought: wait, that song! And I absolutely am fan of the chorus (shouting out the words, feels great). So enjoy

John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire

Song of the day: Pat Benatar- Invincible


We all know her from the big hit in the eighties, namely Love Is A Battlefield. But such a singer just can’t have one hit, I thought. I was totally right. She had some other hits, including this powerfull song. I absolutely am a fan of this song! Enjoy:

Pat Benatar- Invincible

Song of the day: The Power Station- Some Like It Hot


Oh yes! The debute album of the Power Station! Do you remember? 1985, and the big hit: Some Like It Hot!
I like that song, it’s really good! And it says something about a lot of persons, who like the summer (like me).
So listen to that song, because it some like it hot, some like it when the heat is on…

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Song of the day: Simple Minds- Alive And Kicking


Oh, how I love the Simple Minds! They were a good band, and they are still active, so still a good band.
Now is most of their music good, so I won’t deny that I’m sort of a fan…
And of course, this album was released in 1985. And what is almost all eighties music? Yes, good music!
The track which I have selected as the song of the day is the fourth song of this album, and one of my favourite songs by the Simple Minds.
It’s Alive And Kicking!