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Song of the day: MC Miker G & DJ Sven- Holiday Rap


Do you remember… this record? It was a big hit in the 1980s, 1986 to be precise. A remix of Madonna’s Holiday, with some lyrics by Cliff Richard, and the rest was made by them, I believe.
It was remixed by no one less than… Ben Liebrand! And there is something else nice about this song: Deejay Sven is now DJ Sven, part of the team of Somertijd, the radio show I listen to in the afternoon, and on Saturday night he has a programme with a lot of dance classics, and who makes mixes for that programme? Yes, Ben Liebrand!

Well, it was a big hit back then, and it’s nice to listen to now, so the song of the day is: The Holiday Rap! (The clip was broadcasted on the BBC, but it reached the top 10 in a lot of countries)

Song of the day: Nena & Kim Wilde- Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere

Hello everyone,

Here’s a new song of the day:
Nena and Kim Wilde – Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

It’s a remake of a hit from Nena from the 1980s, which is entirely in German. Then it’s called Irgenwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann.
Nena wanted some success in the 2000s as well, and she decided to make a remake of her hit. She invited another singer from the 1980s, Kim Wilde, to make a comeback together.
They did, and this was the result.

If you think, I don’t know the original from this song, you might know Nena from her other hit, 99 Luftballons. She did it in English, too. I think that that song is really bad.

It’s one of my choices for the Q-Top 1000, about which I will write something in the next post I publish.

Tomorrow a new song!

P.S. In the month November are all songs made by Dutch persons. They may have/haven’t had success in other countries, so I hope that you like it.