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FlinterFile: The Bee Gees- Stayin’ Alive

The movie Saturday Night Fever produced four number 1 hits in the US, of which this was the second. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Little River Band- I’ll Always Call Your Name

The Little River Band released their first album in 1975. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Bee Gees- How Deep Is Your Love

1978 was a very successful year for the Bee Gees, as several songs from the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever reached number 1 in the US. This one already hit the top spot at the end of 1977… Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: David Bowie- Heroes

David Bowie moved to Germany in 1977, to record the album Heroes. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Dolly Parton- You Are

Dolly Parton made a transition from country music to pop music in 1977. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Four Seasons- Rhapsody

The Four Seasons released their album Helicon in 1977. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Queen- We Will Rock You

Queen released a new stadium anthem in 1977. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Dillinger- Cokane In My Brain

The Jamaican rapper Dillinger had a big hit in 1977 with his song Cokane In My Brain. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Jenny Arean & Frans Halsema- Vluchten Kan Niet Meer

This song comes from a musical, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt (writer from many children books, like Jip and Janneke). Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Bonnie Tyler- Lost In France

This was the first hit Bonnie Tyler had. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Boney M.- Belfast

Boney M. released a song about Belfast in 1977. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Sex Pistols- Anarchy In The UK

The first single of the Sex Pistols was quite controversial. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Eddie Money- Baby Hold On


If you would like to know something about career changes, Eddie Money probably can tell you something. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Heart- Barracuda


Heart had some problems with their record label in 1977, and as always, these problems can become big hits. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Heatwave- Boogie Nights


In 1977, Heatwave had their first hit. This song was their debut single, written by Rod Temperton, who later wrote hits like Thriller and Rock With You. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Hot Blood- Soul Dracula


In 1977, a some studio musicians got together under the name Hot Blood. Probably the one behind the group was the arranger behind Boney M., Stefan Klinkhammer. The studio musicians played the track, but are not to be found in the credits… well, what you’ve got in this song, is everything you would expect when saying the name Dracula: a vampire, laughs, and it is a surprisingly good disco song, too… it never made the charts in the US, but in the UK, it was a number 32 hit… in Japan, the single sold more than 400 000 times. Well, enjoy

Hot Blood- Soul Dracula

FlinterFile: Patti Smith- Because The Night


In 1977, Patti Smith released her only big hit. Bruce Springsteen had written the music and the chorus, and gave it to Patti, as it was fit for her. However, Patti was not sure about recording the song, the demo by Bruce Springsteen convinced her. She filled in the rest of the text when she was waiting for her husband, who would call her. Jimmy Iovine got to produce the song (he worked with Bruce on his Born To Run album), since he also had the idea to give it to Patti Smith. He started his career with it. Although the song was a hit and the text was good, Patti Smith later thought of it as very commercial. It became a number 13 hit in the US, a number 5 hit in the UK, and it made enough money to buy a Cordoba for Patti’s father. And Bruce? He did record the song, though it took some years, since he was struggling to get the rights. Enjoy

Patti Smith Group- Because The Night

Song of the day: Emmylou Harris- (You Never Can Tell) C’est La Vie

emmylou harris you can never tell cest la vie

In 1977, Emmylou Harris had a hit with an old song. The original of the song was made by Chuck Berry in 1964. It is a song about a couple getting married. He was just free from 20 months in jail, and started having hits again. This song ended on number 14 in the US. Emmylou Harris took the song, renamed it and had a top 10 country hit with it. Enjoy

Emmylou Harris- (You Never Can Tell) C’est La Vie

Song of the day: Flash & the Pan- Hey St. Peter


In 1977, the Australian Flash & the Pan released the single Hey St. Peter. They were formed by two members of the Easybeats, George Young and Harry Vanda. As the Easybeats split up in 1969, they started writing songs for artists like John Paul Young and AC/DC. With Hey, St. Peter, they had their first hit as Flash & the Pan, namely number 5 in Australia. Enjoy

Flash & The Pan- Hey, St. Peter

Song of the day: KC And The Sunshine Band- Keep It Comin’ Love

kcandsunshine keep it coming

In 1977, KC & the Sunshine Band brought in the sun with a Carribean influenced song. With a title that can be interpreted in some ways, it was another big hit for them. In the US it was a number 2 hit, in the UK it was not that much of a hit, number 31. Enjoy

KC & The Sunshine Band- Keep It Comin’ Love

Song of the day: The Baby’s- Isn’t It Time


In 1977, the Babys released the song Isn’t It Time. The bass guitarist wrote it with Ray Kennedy, who was in love with a French lady. With the Babettes (the background singers) balanced the song with the lover in the song, who is doubting which decision he has to make. In the US it was number 13, and in Australia it even was number 1! Enjoy

The Babys- Isn’t It Time

Song of the day: Patsy Gallant- From New York To LA


In 1977, the Canadian singer Patsy Gallant scored her only hit outside Canada. By that time, she had already recorded several records, in both French and English. This song originally was a French song from 1964, called Mon Pays C’est L’Hiver. The text was changed and it managed to get on the UK chart on number 6. Enjoy

Patsy Gallant- From New York To L.A.

Song of the day: Meck & Leo Sayer- Thunder In My Heart Again

thunder in my heart again

In 2006, Meck (a DJ) took an old song from Leo Sayer. This song, Thunder In My Heart, had been in the charts in 1977. It never was a big hit, with a number 22 position in the UK and a number 38 position in the US. The remix did much better: it was a number 1 hit in the UK. Leo Sayer had his own thoughts about how the song became a hit: he said the fact he sung the tune had a lot of influence… Enjoy

Meck featuring Leo Sayer- Thunder In My Heart Again

Song of the day: Boz Scaggs- What Can I Say


In 1977, Boz Scaggs brought some songs to the hit parades. One of them was What Can I Say, which hit number 10 in the UK and number 42 in the US. Before recording this song, Boz had played in bands like Mother Earth and the Steve Miller Band (he knew Steve Miller from college). Because he was so good in the Steve Miller Band, he got a contract on Atlantic Records, and later Columbia Records, recorded several albums without success. When meeting the basis for what later would be Toto, he knew to score some hits, like the song of the day. Enjoy

Boz Scaggs- What Can I Say

Song of the day: Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke

stevie wonder sir duke

In 1977, Stevie Wonder released an ode to Duke Ellington. Two of Wonder’s idols, Wes Montgomery and Dinah Washington, had already died when he wanted to work with them. In 1974, Duke Ellington passed away. He wanted to show his ‘love’ for those inspirations, and knew the title from the start. Therefore, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald are also included in the song. The song was a number 1 hit in the US and a number 2 hit in the UK. Enjoy

Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke

Song of the day: Kansas- Dust In The Wind

kansas dust in the wind

In 1977, Kansas released a new album called Point Of Know Return. It started as an exercise for Kerry Livgren, who was starting to learn fingerpicking on his guitar. As his wife pointed out it was a nice melody, he made it into a song. It would be one of the first songs Kansas played acoustic. However, they only added the song on the last minute. Not a bad choice, though, since it would be the biggest hit of the album, with a number 6 position in the US and even number 1 in Canada! Enjoy

Kansas- Dust In The Wind

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac- Don’t Stop


Probably you’ve already recognized the album on which the song of the day is. Yes, it’s a single from the hit album Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. This song was written by Christine McVie, and she sung on it with Lindsey Buckingham, the guitarist of the band. In the US the song peaked at 3, in the UK the song followed Go Your Own Way and peaked at number 32. The song is about the feelings of Christine after she seperated from John McVie. Enjoy

Fleetwood Mac- Don’t Stop

Song of the day: Jackson Browne- The Load-Out/Stay


Jackson Browne released this album, Running On Empty, in 1977. On this album, there was a single that got a double A-side. One part of the song was The Load-Out, a tribute to the roadies that helped Browne build up the stage before a performance. It fades into the song Stay, which was originally written and recorded by Maurice Williams. He wrote it in 1953, when he wanted that his date stayed, since she had to go home. Unfortunately, he lost. This song was recorded and released in 1960, and was covered lots of times after that. Enjoy

Jackson Browne- The Load Out/Stay

Song of the day: The Commodores- Easy


The Motown label only produced hits, is something you often hear. This is another example of this hit machine: the Commodores. Lead singer of the Commodores was Lionel Richie, who later had a successful solo-career. The song Easy is about a man ending a relationship, but he does not feel sorry for it. The song would be number 4 in the US and number 9 in the UK, a good result. Enjoy

The Commodores- Easy

Song of the day: Linda Ronstadt- It’s So Easy

it's so easy linda ronstadt

Back in 1958, the song It’s So Easy was sung by the Crickets. One of their members was Buddy Holly, who recorded some hits solo later. They would not reach the charts with this song. In the seventies, the song was picked up by Linda Ronstadt. She recorded in 1977, and did reach the charts: number 5 in the US and number 11 in the UK. Another artist that had a go on the song several times was Paul McCartney. First with the Beatles, later solo, but he did not manage to chart with the song. Enjoy

Linda Ronstadt- It’s So Easy

Song of the day: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya

johnny guitar watson a real mother for ya

Number 41 in the US, number 44 in the UK. Johnny Watson was around for a long time, in the fifties he was a vocalist, pianist and guitarist, and he created a special sound with his style of playing a guitar. He was a guest on a Frank Zappa album in the seventies, and at the end of the seventies he changed his style. This song is one of these songs that fit in his changed style: he was now a funk artist. Enjoy

Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya

Song of the day: Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene IV

oxygene iv

Electric music from the seventies. No Kraftwerk today, though it is very good music. Another hero from the seventies, Jean Michel Jarre. He made one of the best instrumental tracks of the seventies, Oxygene IV. The last part is important, since it is a part of his series of Oxygene’s. The song was preceded by Autobahn and Popcorn by Hot Butter, which freed the way for Oxygene IV to become a hit in 1977. It is a great song, so enjoy

Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene IV

Song of the day: Raffaella Carra- A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu

raffaela carra a far l'amore comincia tu

This Italian lady is active in more than only singing: she also presents programms on the Italian television and she is an actress. In this role, she acted in Von Ryan’s Express, a movie which also features Frank Sinatra. In 1977, she had a big hit with the song of the day, which was later remixed by Bob Sinclar, which meant a new (smaller) hit. Personally, I like the original very much more than the remix. Therefore, enjoy

Raffaella Carra- A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu

Song of the day: Santa Esmeralda- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


Back to the seventies today! The original of the song dates back to 1964, when Nina Simone recorded it. Then it was taken by the Animals, who recorded their version in 1965. Santa Esmeralda took the arrangement of the Animals and added a disco flavour to it, including some flamenco, salsa and other Latin sounds. It first did very well in the club circuit, where it was taken in a very long version, and the shortened version became a hit in the “normal” charts, like the Billboard Hot 100 (number 15). And today we enjoy these exotic sounds:

Santa Esmeralda- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Song of the day: Randy Newman- Short People


A song from 1977 today! The song was written and sung by the same person who wrote You’ve Got A Friend In Me, which is in one of the Toy Story movies. The song is not written and inspired by what Newman thinks, mind you, but he sings about another person who thinks this way about short people. There even has been a person who tried to make a law to forbid radioplay of the song in the state of Maryland! However, it has been on number two in the Billboard chart, and it’s a bit forgotten. I personally think the song is very simple but good. (And I really like short people, so no offence if you’re short!) Enjoy

Randy Newman- Short People

Song of the day: Yvonne Elliman- If I Can’t Have You


Another song from a very successful soundtrack. Of course this was the comeback of the BeeGees, as a disco formation, but there were songs that weren’t made by the BeeGees. This is one of these songs. It was recorded by the BeeGees, but never released on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Instead there was this version, which became known as ‘THE’ version. Enjoy

Yvonne Elliman- If I Can’t Have You

Song of the day: Baccara- Yes Sir I Can Boogie

baccara yes sir i can boogie

1977! And I was searching for a record to feature, but couldn’t find anything. I mean: Supertramp was featured already, Fleetwood Mac same story. And then I saw this record. What’s that? I played it and remembered it: a nice disco record! So for today, enjoy

Baccara- Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Song of the day: The Trammps- Disco Inferno

More soundtracks are on their way!

Today a song from the soundtrack which was the comeback for the BeeGees!
But it aren’t the BeeGees which provide the song of the day…

It are the Trammps with Disco Inferno, the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever!

Tomorrow the last soundtrack song, and after that, I’m going to change the song of the dayposts a bit…
More information tomorrow!