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FlinterFile: The Impressions- Fool For You

The Impressions were a soul group who released their album This Is My Country in 1968. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Marmalade- Lovin’ Things


The Marmalade had their first hit in 1968. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart- I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight


Originally Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart were songwriters. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Love Affair- Everlasting Love


In 1968, the band The Love Affair recorded the song Everlasting Love. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Tammy Wynette- Stand By Your Man


In 1968, Tammy Wynette released one of her most successful songs. She wrote it together with Billy Sherrill, who offered her a contract on Epic. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Ten Years After- I’m Going Home


In 1971, Ten Years After officially released the single of the song I’m Going Home. This song was already on the album Undead from 1968, and in 1969, they played it on Woodstock. This ment their breakthrough, and it became a big hit. The name of the group refers to the years Elvis Presley had his first successes. Ten years later, the band established their name, resulting in Ten Years After (though they were already working in the bussiness for some years). Enjoy

Ten Years After- I’m Going Home

FlinterFile: The Move- Blackberry Way


In 1968, The Move released Blackberry Way. Though this was the time of the British invasion in America, the Move have actually never had success in America. This song was influenced by Penny Lane, but its lyrics are darker, and the mood is more melancholic. The bridge in the song was very much inspired by the intro of a song by Harry Nilsson, Good Old Desk. At the time of this song, Roy Wood was the frontman, and Richard Tandy and Trevor Burton played on the song, too. Trever left soon after the song, and Jeff Lynne would soon join, causing (you could guess it) that the Move stopped in 1972 and went on with the name Electric Light Orchestra. The song would end up in the UK chart at number 1. Enjoy

The Move- Blackberry Way

FlinterFile- The Band- The Weight

the band the weight

In 1968, the Band (previously the backup band of Bob Dylan) released The Weight, a rock classic. It’s the story of a man who visits Nazareth (Pennsylvania), and has to visit some friends from his friend Annie. He feels this as a weight on his shoulders. Robbie Robertson got the credit for the song, and says that he was inspired by surrealistic movies in which the good people do bad things. However, the other members of the band also claim to have co-written. The people in the song are for instance all friends from the Band. They were not sure about the song, but other people liked it. And so the song became a number 63 hit in the US and number 21 in the UK. Aretha Franklin had the biggest success with the song: she charted at number 19. However, it inspired others: the band Nazareth got their name from the song. Enjoy

The Band- The Weight

FlinterFile: The Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett- Young Girl


In 1968, there was an American band which sold more singles in the US than the Beatles. The writer of the song, Jerry Fuller, wrote Traveling Man for Ricky Nelson and had discovered the band, when they still played in bars. He wrote the song to warn a lover of an underage girl, to try to resist her charms. He had his inspiration from the touring, where he saw that you mostly could not tell a 14 year old from a 20 year old. The band recorded the song and had a number 1 hit with it in the UK and a number 2 hit in the US. Enjoy

The Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett- Young Girl

Song of the day: Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich- The Legend Of Xanadu


In 1968, the group Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich scored their biggest hit. Xanadu was an invented place by the poet Coleridge, which became the place where there was a paradise. Through the years the name was used for several purposes, maybe most famously by Olivia Newton-John for the title song of the movie Xanadu. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich made their song innovative, with the sound of a whip as most distinctive feature. It brought them to number 1 in the UK. Enjoy

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich- The Legend Of Xanadu