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FlinterFile: Johnny Tillotson- It Keeps Right On a-Hurtin’

Johnny Tillotson released one of his most successful songs. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Chris Montez- Let’s Dance


The sixties saw a great deal of dances which were popular. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Peter, Paul & Mary- Where Have All The Flowers Gone


In 1962, Peter, Paul & Mary released their debut album, which alone would be at the top of the charts for five weeks. The album included a cover of Where Have All The Flowers Gone, originally recorded and written by Pete Seeger. He started writing the song in 1955, after seeing a note in his notebook, and published it in a magazine. Joe Hickerson wrote the rest of the verses in 1960, which made the circle of the lyrics round. Since then, a lot of artists have recorded the song. Enjoy

Peter, Paul & Mary- Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Song of the day: The Contours- Do You Love Me


In 1962, the Contours released a song on a sub label of Motown, Gordy. Berry Gordy had written the song for the Temptations, to score their first hit with it. At the time of recording, the Temptations were not there, since they had not been notified. Berry Gordy looked some time for them, but found the Contours instead. Berry Gordy wanted to make the song a hit as fast as possible, and the Contours needed a hit, since they were in danger of being fired because of having no hits. Both were helped: the song became a number 3 hit in the US. In 1988, they re-entered the charts because of Dirty Dancing, in which the song is featured. Enjoy

The Contours- Do You Love Me

Song of the day: The Four Seasons- Sherry


Looking through the hitlist of 1962, I came across this song by the Four Seasons. In December last year, I went to the performance of the Jersey Boys, which was absolutely perfect. I had a real good afternoon, and since they were in the hitlists in 1962, enjoy:

The Four Seasons- Sherry