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Om te beginnen: ik blog voor mijn plezier, om jullie (de lezer) te amuseren en te informeren. Door mijn blog te bezoeken, worden er bepaalde gegevens van mijn lezers verzameld door WordPress en aanverwante bedrijven. Zelf heb ik weinig tot geen interesse in deze gegevens en doe ik er ook niet zo veel mee. Toch moet ik volgens de wetgeving (AVG) een en ander duidelijk maken, wat ik hierbij (hopelijk) goed doe. Ik ben geen jurist en in zoverre hoop ik dus hiermee te voldoen aan de wetgeving.

To start with: I blog for fun, to enjoy and inform you (the readers). By visiting my blog, certain data of my readers are collected by WordPress and affiliated compagnies. I personally have little to no interest in these data and am not using it a lot. Still, I have to clarify some things according to the new laws (GDPR), which I hopefully do with this statement. I don’t know a lot about laws and therefore I hope I am obliging the law with this statement.

Different data are collected by using this site. This is done to create statistics about who visits the site (by Jetpack), so I can see how many people read a certain post and also from which country they are coming. Furthermore, certain cookies are placed, which you can delete yourself. If you leave a reaction, you will fill out your name and e-mailaddress and also leave your IP-address. Finally, certain data are collected if you share a post on social media.

All these data are saved by WordPress or affiliated compagnies. As simple blogger, I don’t know much about the way they save these data or how long they keep them. The only thing I use your data for, is to see who reads my blog and to have a certain interaction with my readers. Because everone has the right to be forgotten, you can always contact me if you want a reaction you placed to disappear from the site. You can use the contact form to do so (be aware that your e-mailaddress is given to me, so I can react).

Again: I don’t personally save your data, these are kept by WordPress. I therefore would like to redirect you to them for more information ( ). The data that I see through WordPress, are purely of functional use to see who reads this blog and to interact with the reader.

Hopefully I have given you (the reader) enough information. If you wish to know more, please contact me through the form.


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