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YES! Succeeded! We’ve moved!

As you have experienced when visiting my site (probably the old site), you found a truck which said we’ve moved. Suddenly I found out how to do it (thanks to wordpress) and just did it. So please, if you have a link to my site somewhere, save the following address so you can always find me:

And if you have Twitter, you can find me on my account @flinterfiles!



Merry Christmas!

elvis christmas

Christmas greetings from the archive!

Chris Flinterman


Hi there,

Although I don’t do this amazing sport called freerunning, there’s a friend of me which does.
I absolutely have deep respect for the movies he makes of this freerunning, and I thought you might like this, too.

Firstly, what is freerunning? If I have understood it right, it’s doing all kinds of tricks in your environment, with the things provided in the environment.
This can be anything, like garbage bins and fences.

I’m not as flexible as he is, but I can watch his movies, so that’s enough…

He’s called Tom de Roon, and this is a link to one of his movies: Freerunning.

If you want to watch more, just type in Tom de Roon on YouTube, almost guaranteed that you find one of his videos!

Top Tip: Comedy

And here are some more Top Tips concerning comedy.
All of the Top Tips are British series, since they are really the best in making comedy series.

A first Top Tip is Man About The House. This series is about Robin, who comes to live with Chrissy and Jo.
They hire an “appartment” from George and Mildred. Chrissy and Jo tell to them that Robin is homosexual, because George has problems with Robin living by the two girls.
Very funny, because of all the strange things that happen in this series, and especially funny because of George.

And because George is so funny, a spin-off was made. In this series, called George and Mildred, George and Mildred live in a “rich” neighbourhood.
Their neighbours are people who don’t like George, because of his down-to-earth mind, and his mostly clumpsiness.

And a third series has the same ideas as George and Mildred. It’s Keeping Up Appearances, with Hyacinth Bucket (It’s Bouquet!)
In this series, Hyacinth undertakes all kinds of things, to get into the upper class. These things always fail, because of her family (Daisy, Onslow and Rose, and mostly Daddy, too).
Absolutely an Top Tip to watch!

Have a laugh with all these series!


Top Tip: Comedy

The British are absolutely brilliant if we’re talking about comedy series.
Here some of my favourites:

Are You Being Served?
Are you being served is all about the staff of the ladies and gentlemen fashion department. It’s set in the fictional store Grace Brothers, where they have all sorts of problems and actions.
The best episodes are those with a display unit. Those display units always fail to work, or they are working, but after a few minutes they break down.
Some examples: The pussy boots cat, the Father Christmas display unit, the walking boots in the mud, and many others!
One of my favourite episodes is definetely “Dear Sexy Knickers“.

Another series which I like very much is Fawlty Towers.
There are only 12 episodes of those, and it contains some incredible good jokes. The worst episode is maybe the episode with the Germans, but the rest of the episodes is excellent!
If you are going to watch one of the episodes, also pay attention to the intro where a sign points at the hotel. The combination of words are mostly very strange, but also quite nice.

And a third tip is Blackadder. Although it contains a lot of history, it’s extremely funny.
My favourites are always the cunning plans of Baldrick, and my favourite series is the second one, with Queenie.
Love it!

More top tips on comedy are coming up in the next days, since I love comedy by the British!

Top Tip Movie


I’ve got some movies which you might consider watching.
Since there’s a lot of rubbish on TV, you just play a movie. Some of my favourites:

Firstly, the King’s speech. A few weeks ago, I watched this movie and I was stunned. What a movie!
If you know some British dramas, you know where I’m talking about. This is an excellent British costume drama, with very good actors.
There’s paid a lot of attention to the details, so you might think that you are in the 1920s/1930s.
Really worth watching!

Secondly, Grease. I know, it’s an older movie, but such a nice one. Lots of humor, nice songs, and John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!
It’s a movie in the category: Feel-good. If you didn’t watch it already, just do it now!

Want a bit more of excitement?
I can recommend the Oceans series. Especially Oceans 11 and Oceans 13 are good movies, Oceans 12 is, in comparison with the others, a bit disappointing.

A last tip:
Harry Potter. Maybe you have seen all of them, but if you didn’t watch them for quite a while, just watch the first ones again.
They stay funny, and a little tip:
In the third movie, the prisoner of Azkaban, there’s a scene where the Fat Lady is gone. As soon as this scene comes, pay some more attention.
There’s a moment when the camera turns to the staircases, and if you watch to the right, you will see a giraffe walking!!!
Later, this giraffe walks behind the Fat Lady.

A lot of fun with watching!

Top Tip: Books

Hello everyone,

I’ve read some more books I would like to share with you. Maybe you want to read them, too.
The first book is from a series. I’ve finished the first book, and I’m looking forward to reading the other books. Book 2 is already laying on my table!
The series I’ve began to read is about the Templars. The series is written by Paul Christopher, and he really writes exciting books. Not only contain the books excitement, but they also contain history and a fast development in the storyline.
This last thing is very nice, since it makes you want to read more, because the story never gets dull.
The first book in the series is called “The sword of the templars”, and the second book is called “The templar cross”

And then there’s another book I want to share with you.
This book is an exciting history of mathematics. If you think mathematics or the history of it is dull, read this book!
The book is called “The parrot’s theorem”, and it is written by Denis Guedj.

A lot of fun with it, and I hope you know what to read!

Top Tip- Books

Hello everybody,

If you want to read a good book, I’ve got some tips for you.
I’m a big reader, so I can advise you some good writers and books:

  • Steve Berry. He writes thrillers, on a historical background. Very exciting to read, and you learn something from it. Especially the Cotton Malone series is a good read.
    The first book in this series is: The Templar Legacy. My personal favourite in this series is The Paris Vendetta.
  • Dan Brown. Sort of the same writer as Steve Berry, but most of his books take a long way to get really exciting. Also the descriptions are long and sometimes really boring.
    My personal favourite, and according to me the best book, is The DaVinci Code. And it doesn’t take long for the story to start up!

That were some tips. You will see more as soon as I’ve read some more books…

Comedy: Are You Being Served?

Are you being served is a comedy series, and it has 10 series. The characters who played in the first series are:
Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Humphries, Mr. Grainger, Captain Peacock, Mr. Rumboldt and Mr. Mash.
From all those characters, there only were 5 in the last series. A small overview of the replaced characters:

Mr. Lucas was replaced by Mr. Spooner, Mr. Mash by Mr. Harman, but since the death of Mr. Grainger there were many characters replacing him:
It started with Mr. Tebbs, then Mr. Goldberg, in series 8 there were two, namely Mr. Grossman and in the end of the series Mr. Klein, but the last two series Mr. Humphries got the lead of the gents department.

If you don’t think of all these changes, it was an excellent series which was very funny.
Later I will tell more about this series, including a compilation of the best moments…