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Song of the day: Alesha Dixon- The Boy Does Nothing


Let’s do a song about a completely inactive person, they must have thought. And I think it was a good thought. A very nice, swinging beat, completed by a female voice (which is logical with such a title), and a text which rocks! Swing and dance to this amazing track:

Alesha Dixon- The Boy Does Nothing


Song of the day: Milow- Ayo Technology


The last hit for the zeroes, but what do we call the period of time after 2009? No idea. It was a hit in 2009, and actually it’s a cover of a song by 50cent. This is one of the points where a cover actually is better than the original. Yes, they do exist! Enjoy

Milow- Ayo Technology

Song of the day: Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

gabriella cilmi sweet about me

Positive, happy music. I love it! And most of the people thought about it that way, otherwise it would never have been a hit in 2008. Released at the good time (summer and happy is a good combination), it ended up high in the hit charts. Enjoy

Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

Song of the day: Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah


A beautiful song. Beautiful in all its simplicity. Beautiful because of the story that’s been told. Beautiful as a complete song. And a hit in 2007. Enjoy

Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah

Song of the day: Gnarls Barkley- Crazy


Yes, I’m a big fan of Gnarls Barkley. Although he only made two records so far, I am a big fan of him. And then we thought: he does sound a lot like Cee-Lo Green, and we discovered that Cee-Lo Green and Gnarls Barkley were the same person. However, I still love his music, and especially this record is crazy good!Enjoy

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy

Song of the day: Daniel Powter- Bad Day

daniel powter bad day

Actually, it was no bad day at all! A very good day, I dare to say! But okay, there are days, that are totally bad. Everything goes wrong, and then you need to hear some happy sounds. And then there is Daniel Powter to give you the strength to carry on. Or at least, he does to me. Enjoy

Daniel Powter- Bad Day

Song of the day: Hoobastank- The Reason

hoobastank the reason

Let’s rock a bit. I say a bit, since it’s not a typical rock song. It’s more, yeah, I don’t know, actually. Difficult to say. A magical song, that’s what it is. You can’t put your finger on it, it was a big hit, and it’s GOOD. That’s what it is. Enjoy

Hoobastank- The Reason

Song of the day: Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River


Completely stunned was I when I found out that one of the members of *NSYNC, a nineties boyband, was Justin Timberlake. I mean: one of the persons who made music which doesn’t fit boy bands, was member of a boyband? No! However, he went solo, and I think that’s good. His solomusic is better than all of the *NSYNC records together. Especially his hit in 2003 is good. Enjoy

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River

Song of the day: Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor


Someone quickly call the cops! There has been a murder! Just one of the jokes I would make if I would announce this record. Not that I’m announcing, since I don’t work for the radio. I sometimes think about how it would be, but I guess I will never work there. However, I do listen to records, and that’s how I know this is a fantastic record from 2002. It’s, unlike the subject, very happy. Enjoy

Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor

Song of the day: Alicia Keys- Fallin’


In 2001 it was a big hit from Alicia Keys. And it was her first single, and it ment the start of a big career. However, I have to say something. This was good, but after Empire State Of Mind (Part II), it went down. I mean: I hate Brand New Me, and actually all the songs she recently made are not the quality of earlier. So please, Alicia, go on but make better records! And meanwhile, we enjoy

Alicia Keys- Fallin

Song of the day: Marc Anthony- You Sang To Me


I have to confess something: this song is great! And I know, it sounds a bit like all those boy bands from the nineties (now they are just rubbish!), but it is great music. The text is real and the music is simple but it has a meaning. That’s just something which is a bit weird from me. But if you listen to the Backstreet Boys or some other boy band from the nineties, you can conclude that there is some degree of great music in there! Listen to it!

Marc Anthony- You Sang To Me

Song of the day: Sixpence Non The Richer- Kiss Me


Some bands surprise you: I didn’t know they had a best of at all! I could find one hit, the song of the day, and that’s it. I can think of a reason why they didn’t have that much hits. Not a lot of persons step inside a record store and ask for Sixpence Non The Richer. Just a bit too long for persons to remember. But it’s a nice song, so enjoy:

Sixpence Non The Richer- Kiss Me

Song of the day: Bertolf- Another Day


Sometimes you forget songs for a few years, and then you hear them again. This was the case with this song. I actually haven’t heard it for two, three years. But yesterday evening, listening to the radio, I heard it again. And I thought: who was that? Searching the internet helped me with the name and nationality: he’s called Bertolf and is Dutch! It was a single from the debute album, and probably his only big hit, since I’ve not heard anything by the man since. He has made some other songs, but none of those were very big hits. Enjoy:

Bertolf- Another Day

Song of the day: Mark Knopfler- What It Is


Dear me, I didn’t feature Mark Knopfler yet! Well, in a way I did, with the Dire Straits (best band ever!(Sorry, I’m now in the Dire Straits-stage)), but solo I didn’t. Perhaps it was his biggest hit solo, and it is one of the best. Why did I choose to feature it, you might ask. That has to do with an assignment we have for ICT. The coming months, we will be making a movie (good album by the Dire Straits), and we were discussing the soundtrack. Then I thought: for the trailer, Mark Knopfler would be something. After Redbud Tree (great song from Privateering) had been cancelled, I thought of What It Is. And guess what? It’s the song for the trailer!

Mark Knopfler- What It Is

Song of the day: Leann Rimes- Can’t Fight The Moonlight

leann rimes can't fight the moonlight

Yeah, when I was travelling to Leiden on Monday, I was listening with my new MP3-player (yes, with radio function!) and I heard on the radio this (for me forgotten) song. And then I decided: let’s feature it! Because good songs are there to be featured, aren’t they? So enjoy this sort of dance, sort of something else, song:

LeAnn Rimes- Can’t Fight The Moonlight


Song of the day: Mumford & Sons- Thistle & Weeds


What a good album this is! I was listening to it one of the last days, and I must say: it does not get boring. Sometimes the songs are powerful, while other songs are smaller, more fragile. My absolute favourite was not one of the hits, but I think it’s the best of the album. So I want to introduce it to you.
Just listen to it and maybe write your comment:

Mumford & Sons- Thistle & Weeds

Song of the day: Pearl Jam- Just Breathe


Pearl Jam… rock/grunge music from the nineties, but I don’t know a lot of songs by Pearl Jam… This is actually one of these songs, but I don’t know more by Pearl Jam. Well, they made the album Ten, which is quite famous, but their music is a mystery to me. Anyone got any ideas which songs to listen to explore the world of Pearl Jam?

Okay, what do I know by Pearl Jam? This relaxed song with a very good text. Listen carefully, because it is really about something serious: death… (that’s my interpretation)

Pearl Jam- Just Breathe

Song of the day: Alizee- Moi Lolita


More French which sounds good, but for me: I don’t understand! The title is quite easy, but the rest… However, for me it’s about the music and that it sounds good, because there were more songs with no important text (think about the Scatman, for example…) And I have a sad message: since August is nearly finished, I will be stopping with the summer hits for this summer… But they will return next year! And I have a lot of good music waiting in September. For the time…


Alizee- Moi Lolita

Song of the day: Eric Prydz- Pjanoo


Well, how am I going to put this? Let’s say it like this: it’s good that I wrote down to make this song song of the day, otherwise it would never be song of the day. It’s a tune which I like very much, so that’s not the problem… It’s my memory. There are lots of songs I know from the first seconds, but some songs won’t stick in my mind. If I hear the song, I know that I’ve heard it before. But which name it has? Mostly I rely on the DJ to tell me, or me looking it up, since I just seem to forget… Even now I wouldn’t know which tune I’m writing about.

However, I know it’s a very good song, so please enjoy:

Eric Prydz- Pjanoo

And I will promise to learn remembering the name with the tune!!! 🙂

Song of the day: In-Grid- Tu Es Foutu


There are songs which I don’t understand. Mostly those songs are in other languages than Dutch, English or German. This is one of the examples. It’s French, and I never really understand the spoken language. Written French is okay, but spoken… NO!

This doesn’t mean that the songs in French are bad. Actually, they have some very interesting songs… I will feature some in the coming weeks. And let’s start with this one. It’s from the early zeroes (2003) and it’s made by an artist of who we have not heard anything since this hit… or at least: I haven’t.

So let’s enjoy this song:

In-Grid – Tu Es Foutu

Song of the day: Peter Fox- Haus Am See

peter fox haus am see

I was thinking back to my first year of secondary school, my first year of lessons in German. My teacher was absolutely brilliant, and I was lucky to have her the three years after, too. She was the one who played this song for an assignment, and that was the day I thought: what a great song! We had to find out where it was about, so here it is:

Peter Fox is singing about a house by the lake where he wants to go to since he knows all in the city he lives in. He wants to go to the unknown, have a wife, 20 children and 100 grandchildren.

I don’t know if I’d be happy with 20 children and 100 grandchildren, but I am happy with his song! Enjoy:

Peter Fox- Haus Am See

Song of the day: Akcent- Kylie


Akcent is a band from Romania, and they are quite popular in Romania. However, I only know one song by them: the song of today.
And trust me, I didn’t know that they made more songs than this one. I actually wanted to put them under one-hit wonders, but then I watched Wikipedia to look for the year this song was released.
While doing this, my eye saw more than only Kylie. It saw a list with 26 singles! I’m still thinking how they all could have missed the rest of Europe, but I guess that’s something like: nice song, and forget the rest. Sorry!

(By the way: Kylie was released in 2006.)

But we have this song, and that’s more than nothing:

Akcent- Kylie

Song of the day: Las Ketchup- The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

las ketchup ketchup song

Let’s talk about the Sugarhill Gang with their big disco hit Rapper’s Delight. And now you think: Chris has definitely lost his mind. But no. I have not lost my mind. I just want to talk about a few lines in this song:

I said a hip, hop, the hippie
to the hip-hip-hop, a you don’t stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
Those lyrics have to do with the song of the day. These are the famous words in the chorus of the Ketchup Song. The chorus is the Spanish translation of those lines above, making it:
Aserejé ja de jé de jebe
tu de jebere sebiunouva
majabi an de bugui
an de buididipĂ­
So now you know how they invented these stick-to-mind lyrics. But where did they get their name from?
Easy! Their father had the nickname “El Tomato”. The tomato. And what can you make with tomatoes? Yes, ketchup! So…
Las Ketchup- The Ketchup Song

Song of the day: Juanes- La Camisa Negra


There’s a very nice game which I sometimes play: search for a songtext, put it in Google-translate and then translate it (in my case to Dutch) and then play it. Of course it sometimes sounds stupid, but it is difficult to find out which song it is! This one was very difficult to guess, and I didn’t succeed… but it gave another view on the song. It sounds so happy, but it isn’t…

It is a song about someone who was in love with someone else, but this other person was never really interested. It was all a lie, and that’s why he’s wearing a black shirt.
I hope that I understood it correctly, because Google-translate is not always reliable…

It sounds happy, but it isn’t:

Juanes- La Camisa Negra

(If you speak Spanish, maybe you can react if I understood it correctly???)

Summer Song of the Day #3: Bob Sinclar- Love Generation


We are almost there! It’s time for the Top 3, starting with number 3. And on number 3 there is a nice song with a nice whistle.
It was a big hit in 2005, and it gets better: the vocals were by Gary Pine. So what?, you might think.
I will tell you that Gary Pine was a member of the Wailers. You might know that name, but only in combination with Bob Marley. Gary Pine replaced Bob Marley in the Wailers, and made a new album with the Wailers.

He did the vocals for this song, Bob Sinclar the rest, and together it made a hit. A hit in the charts, but also in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20, where they ended on number 3!

Number 3: Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Pine- Love Generation

Summer Song of the Day #11: Kate Ryan- DĂ©senchantĂ©e

kate ryan desenchantee

Okay, I must confess: I am no big fan of the French language. Not that I had bad notes for French, no. And also not because of the sound of the language. Just because it was so difficult to learn. I never could remember words, or understand what they ment if it was spoken. Reading went a lot more easy.
But I love the sound of the language, because it sounds fantastic! And therefore, I love Kate Ryan’s French period, with songs like Voyage Voyagen and Ella Elle L’A.

And Désenchantée of course! Summer sounds are coming your way on number 11!

Number 11: Kate Ryan- Désenchantée

And no, I don’t know where the song is about.

Summer Song of the Day #12: Jennifer Lopez- Let’s Get Loud


One of my first music memories is Let’s Get Loud. I have known it for as long as I can remember, and I have heard it a lot in my childhood.
And that’s not strange, because it was a hit in 2000: I was three years old, so you start to begin with developing a memory.
And it’s a very big summer hit, one of the best songs by Jennifer Lopez, if you ask me. And you think so, too, because she has a very good number 12!

Number 12: Jennifer Lopez- Let’s Get Loud

Summer Song of the Day #17: Underdog Project- Summer Jam 2003


This is a song with some history. Let’s start with the original release of the single in 2001. I suppose, although I’m not sure, that it became no hit.
However, never give up: in 2003 the single was released again, this time with a lot of success. By the way: that’s the reason for the 2003 after Summer Jam.
In the song, the Underdog Project used several samples from the Sunclub, from the hit Fiesta. This song was released in 1997.
And all this history together made it to a big summer hit, which is on number 17 in the Summer Song Of The Day Top 20!

Number 20: Underdog Project vs The Sunclub- Summer Jam 2003

Song of the day: Roger Sanchez- Another Chance


Oh yeah! Some songs you hear, forget a while, then you hear them again, and every time you think: I should buy it on CD. And then you forget it again.
It’s actually my story with this song… but now it’s on a list of songs which I want on CD.
Why do I want it? Firstly, it’s a great dance track. Secondly, it makes me happy, thirdly: the tune sticks in my mind and keeps playing for one day…

And it sounds sunny, so reason enough for Roger Sanchez to be song of the day! Enjoy Another Chance (the long version, because I can’t get enough!!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20>>>>

Song of the day: Daft Punk- One More Time


Yesterday I was talking to a friend, who had some ideas for the Song of the day. Some of them were good, but will be put on in September, because now it’s time for the summer!
When we were talking we came to one of the strangest electronic music duo’s of now. There are a lot of DJ’s active who make hits, but those two are a little bit more weird than the rest.
I mean: normal DJ’s don’t wear helmets while performing… we actually didn’t see them without, until earlier this month… just Google!
Their music reminds me mostly of Kraftwerk, the finders of this genre, as I believe… they started in the 1970s, so that is very early!
Later, I will make an article dedicated to Kraftwerk, but firstly, let’s enjoy the sound of Daft Punk’s One More Time!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 >>>>

Song of the day: Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Lie

black eyed peas monkey business

Yes, this is a cd I bought last week… it has some hits on it!
One of my favourites is the song of the day, and it really is energetic.

I like it! Don’t Lie!

Song of the day: Keane- Bend And Break

keane hopes and fears

Something which is a bit more recent… 2004!

This was one of the albums which I bought when I finally found out who had sung Somewhere Only We Know.
And I was very surprised to find out that Crystal Ball was made by the same group, but that is on another album: Under The Iron Sea.
I bought those two together, and became fan of Keane. And if you want to know, Strangeland is also in the record collection.

Well, I mentioned Somewhere Only We Know already, but there are more good songs on this album.

If I only watch the first three songs of the tracklist, I see:

1. Somewhere Only We Know
2. This Is The Last Time
3. Bend And Break

And the last one is the song of the day!

Song of the day: Coldplay- Viva La Vida


Hey! That’s a newer album than yesterday! It’s Coldplay’s Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends!
But why? That’s a nice story.

I was working on a project for history last week, and you might know the feeling that you have done a lot already, but it isn’t finished.
You have had it for today, and because I was working with my historybook next to me, I started to just flip some pages, and watch the pictures in the book. And then I saw, in the paragraph about the French revolution, a picture which was familiar to me. Not because of the French Revolution, no, because of Coldplay. Now I had lost my concentration completely, and started to search for this picture! The picture, or painting, was painted by Eugène Delacroix and is called Liberty Leading The People.

Well, the cover is interesting, but the music is even better (that’s because I have more with music than with art). What a hits on this album!
Life in Technicolor, Lost!, Violet Hill, and even more hits. But what’s the song of the day? A bit too predictable?

Yes, the title track: Viva La Vida!

Tomorrow two posts on music. Not only the song of the day, but I need your help too!

Song of the day: Alcazar- Crying At The Discotheque

Hi there,

Today the song of the day comes from the beginning of the zeroes.
It’s a song made by a Swedish band, which didn’t have a lot of hits.

One hit, though, is very famous, and it was a big hit. This is Alcazar with Crying at the Discotheque!


Song of the day: JXL vs. Elvis Presley- A Little Less Conversation

Yes, here we are again!

A little bit more recent than yesterday, to be precise: 2002.
And the song is with Elvis Presley! Huh? Impossible, isn’t it?
No. It’s a remix, made by the Dutch producer Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL, or JXL.

The remix was approved by the family of Elvis, and the song is called: A little less conversation.

And to agree with this song, I will hereby stop talking and I will see you tomorrow!

Song of the day: Waylon- Wicked Way

The last week Dutch musicians. What I’m going to do in December?
I don’t know yet, but if you have a suggestion, please say it!

Okay, the song for today. It’s a song which is happy, and I like it…
The artist is Waylon, the song is called Wicked Way.

I think he can make it abroad as well, but the problem is that he hasn’t made very much albums yet.

But we can hope for it, right?

Song of the day: Laura Jansen- Wicked World

Hello everybody,

Yesterday Anouk was the artist who made the song of the day, and today there’s another artist…

She made a cover of Use somebody from the Kings of Leon, but she also made some hits by herself.
One of her own songs is the song of the day. I am talking about Laura Jansen, with the song Wicked World.

I think this song is very nice.

And, if you want to hear her cover from Use Somebody, you can hear it here: Use Somebody.

Tomorrow two songs!

Song of the day: Krezip- I Would Stay

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day.
The song of the day is made by a group which doesn’t exist anymore.

The group is called Krezip, and the song of the day I Would Stay.

I think the song is beautiful, and I know it ever since I was 4 years old.

Tomorrow a new song!

Song of the day: Blof & the Counting Crows- Holiday In Spain

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day. The song of today is a half Dutch/half English song.

It’s a cooperation between the American band The Counting Crows and the Dutch band Blof.

The song which was the result is Holiday in Spain.

Blof is existing for 20 years this year, and they have made a lot of hits, all sung in Dutch.

I’m fan of them, so that’s why they are the song of the day.

Tomorrow a new song of the day!

Song of the day: Ilse DeLange- Puzzle Me

Hello everyone,

A bit late, but still: The song of the day.
This month only songs made by Dutch persons.
The song of today is made by a singer who never had any luck in other countries but the Netherlands.
She’s very good, so enjoy it!

It’s Ilse DeLange with Puzzle Me

I hope you think she’s good, because I think so!

And later a new song of the day!

Song of the day: Nena & Kim Wilde- Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere

Hello everyone,

Here’s a new song of the day:
Nena and Kim Wilde – Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

It’s a remake of a hit from Nena from the 1980s, which is entirely in German. Then it’s called Irgenwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann.
Nena wanted some success in the 2000s as well, and she decided to make a remake of her hit. She invited another singer from the 1980s, Kim Wilde, to make a comeback together.
They did, and this was the result.

If you think, I don’t know the original from this song, you might know Nena from her other hit, 99 Luftballons. She did it in English, too. I think that that song is really bad.

It’s one of my choices for the Q-Top 1000, about which I will write something in the next post I publish.

Tomorrow a new song!

P.S. In the month November are all songs made by Dutch persons. They may have/haven’t had success in other countries, so I hope that you like it.

Song of the day: Milk Inc. – Walk On Water

Hello everyone,

Here’s the new song of the day: Milk Inc. with Walk On Water.

It’s a dance-act from Belgium, and they are still active today!

I think it’s a good song, and nice to hear as dance.

Tomorrow a new song!