A Change Is Gonna Come…

For almost five and a half years I have posted songs and told short stories about their backgrounds. Interesting facts, stories about songs that almost never had been recorded, songs that were covered and became hits… It was great doing that. But I do have the feeling that I need a change. The last month, there weren’t any posts – partly because I was too busy to write them, partly because I wanted to think about my blog and if I should continue doing what I was doing. The answer, you can guess, is: no.

However, I don’t want to stop blogging about music, because talking about music is one of my passions. I can talk for hours about music, playing short parts of songs to explain my point to people. And as I was doing this once again, I suddenly thought: why not transfer that idea to my blog? It then also appeared to me that I missed the connection to a bigger picture on my blog. The songs were the interesting details, but I never got to write about the whole picture itself.

So what is the idea? I will be writing about songs and music, just like before. I will keep the old stuff, but start to write longer articles about the connections between songs. The choice of songs, however, will stay as you know it: big hits, classics, but also the forgotten hits and the more obscure songs will play a role.

Stay tuned!



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