FlinterFile: Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

In 1975, Queen released their legendarious album A Night At The Opera.The album was at that time one of the most expensive albums made. This song helped a great deal: six different studio’s were used to record it. It all started with Freddie Mercury writing the lyrics of the song and having an idea how it should sound. It combines about every musical style there is. The song came together quite quickly, apart from the choir, which was made by overdubbing the voices over and over again. Brian May said the tapes were that worn out that eventually he was able to see through them… There was however one problem in the end: the song was 5 minutes and 55 seconds long, and the record compagny didn’t believe it could be in the charts. They kept asking to shorten it, but Freddie Mercury refused. Instead he gave a copy before the release to his friend Kenny Everett, who was a radio DJ. The message: listen to it, but don’t play it on the radio! Well, that wasn’t exactly what Kenny didn’t do: He played the song a few times, and the phone couldn’t stop ringing. It would be a number 1 hit in the UK and also the first top 10 hit in the US, reaching number 9. As Queen didn’t want to go to Top of the Pops, they made a video, based on the cover of Queen II. After the death of Freddie Mercury, it would chart at number 1 in the UK again. Enjoy

Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody


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