FlinterFile: Bette Midler- The Rose

The best songs are often written in a few minutes. Just like this song, which only needed 10 minutes to be written.It all started with Amanda McBroom driving home and hearing the song Magdalena by Leo Sayer. She heard the line ‘Love is like a razor’, which she liked, but she didn’t agree. And so she started thinking about what love was to hear. As she drove further, words and ideas started to come in and the song composed itself. When she came home, she ran to the piano and in 10 minutes The Rose was a fact. As the movie The Rose was made, they needed a title song. A friend of Amanda McBroom asked if it could be sent in, and as she didn’t think of herself as songwriter, she said it was okay. The producers of the movie, which would be about Janis Joplin, hated it and rejected it. The producer of Janis Joplin liked it, asked them to reconsider, but again it was rejected. When Bette Midler, star of the movie, heard the song, she said it should be used and finally it was used in the movie. The life of Amanda McBroom would never be the same as the song made it to number 3 in the US. Enjoy

Bette Midler- The Rose


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