The Doors

the doors

Named after a book from Aldous Huxley, The Doors Of Perception, the Doors rocked the world in a short time. With 9 albums in 8 years (or 6 albums in 6 years if you look at the period that Jim Morrison), they were extremely productive.


The mug shot of Jim Morrison, when he was arrested in Miami.

It all started on a beach in South California. Jim Morrison had written a poem, Moonlight Drive, and Ray Manzarek then thought they could work together on some songs, as he could play piano. After playing a short time with the brothers of Ray Manzarek, John Densmore was brought in and he took Robby Krieger with him. In 1966 it all started with a demo. They were signed to Elektra records, short after they were fired as band in a bar, because Jim Morrison sung The End… The big success came with Light My Fire, their first number 1 hit in 1967. The albums Strange Days and Waiting For The Sun followed, as did the first appearance of the Lizard King, an alter ego of Morrison. What it exactly was, can’t be told, but it brought Jim quite some publicity. He was arrested for obscenity at a concert in Miami, which made the band less interesting to book. With the release of The Soft Parade in 1969, Jim Morrison began paying more attention to writing poems. The last album, L.A. Woman, was released in 1971. Jim Morrison couldn’t take it anymore and moved to Paris, where he paid full attention to his poems. He died at the age of 27. The band went on as a trio, but never got their former success back.

In a nutshell:
Must-have album(s): The Doors (debut) or L.A. Woman (their last one)
Live: In Concert (which are Absolutely Live and Alive, She Cried together)
Number 1 hits: Light My Fire, Hello I Love You, Touch Me (Canada), Riders On The Storm (France)
Other great songs: People Are Strange, L.A. Woman

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