The musical Minions movie


Minions. This summer, you can’t avoid them. They are everywhere. The cause for this all is the new movie around them: the minion movie. Is it worth to take a look when you don’t like minions, but you do like music?

The answer is definitively yes. The Minion Movie is full of small jokes, which will not be understood by children, but probably you will understand them. This varies from a small shot of a billboard with Nixon on it, to complete songs from the sixties. In the movie, you will hear songs by the Doors, the Kinks, the Beatles, and many more big artists from the sixties. In the first moments of the movie, you already will be confronted with the Turtles (Happy Together).

The music is not only there to be heard. You will also see a lot of visual jokes with music in them. The Beatles (well, er, their legs) do have a small role (and please notice that the VW Beetle has been replaced by a VW bus). You will understand that I’m talking about Abbey Road. Furthermore, a minion tries to put the Who and Jimi Hendrix in one (which works out quite well) and if you pay close attention, you will see the Blues Brothers in the public.

Apart from the many references to music (these are just some of them), there are a lot of references to movies. Yes, the Blues Brothers with their police car chase is there, just as the Ghostbusters, King Kong, Godzilla, and many, many, many more. James Bond, too (notice the music with Scarlett Overkill).

The Minions take the sixties, mix a lot of it together and that gives us a nice movie. Probably you will enjoy it more than your children will do, as they don’t understand all of the references. But mind you: the children are just happy to see the minions.


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