In the Netherlands, we used to have this jingle in the Top 40 (our hit chart) which said something like “mwap mwap mwap mwam NIEUW!” This single introduced a new single in the chart. (For the ones who are interested, copy and paste this link to hear it:

But okay, I did not write the post to talk about the jingles on the Dutch radio. My goal was to tell you something about my new idea, which introduced on the 17th of October. I said that I would reveal it when I had 100 followers. And for a few days already, I’ve reached the number. So what’s the plan?

You’ll probably know the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame, which is very famous. I saw the nominees this year, and I thought: what? Are they not yet introduced in the Hall Of Fame?
That was the reason for me to start up a new Hall Of Fame. This Hall Of Fame will include all the artists that I think deserve such a place. I will start with it very soon, with a day which puts in 5 artists!

What are the restrictions?

1. Artists have had hits which are older than 5 years.
2. Artists have been featured in a Song Of The Day.
3. Artists have my personal liking (that’s the thing some artists fail)

Other restrictions may be added along the way.

And of course, your suggestions are welcome as well! If they have not yet been featured in a Song of the Day, please write that down in the reaction as well.

When do I start? Soon, 3 November. (Why that date? Don’t know!)


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