Song of the day: Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven


Do you recognize this album? No? Shame on you!
It’s one of the classic albums, namely eh… yes, what is it?
That’s the problem with this album. It has no title on it, it’s actually Untitled. And that’s why we refer to it as Led Zeppelin IV.
It’s namely the fourth studio album made by Led Zeppelin.

And then that classic album… Of course it was in the series with documentaries, classic albums (if you don’t know it, google it. Or look it up in the TV guide. Really a tip to watch if you enjoy music!)
but it also has a song on it which is known by almost every music lover. That’s the song of the day, too.

Well, one guess. Song made by Led Zeppelin, 3 words, firstly 8 letters, then 2 letters, and finally 6 letters.
Yes… Stairway To Heaven!

By the way, I hope the link is a good one. There are several versions of the song going around the internet, and I’ve heard one on the radio last week.
The DJ said it too, it was a remastered version, but a few notes which were at the end, were gone… Not good!


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