Song of the day: Madness- Night Boat To Cairo

Hello everyone!

Today it’s a special day! It’s 12-12-12! Isn’t that crazy?
And about being crazy: The group of today has a name which is crazy. It’s Madness, and they are taking the Nightboat to Cairo!!!

Madness is a great group, with a very good saxophone player. I’ve seen their performance on the Queen’s 60th Jubilee, and it was wonderful. (I’m Dutch, just to let you know)
Partly thanks to the technique, but okay…

Tomorrow another song!

“I absolutely adore Madness. They are as mad as a rabbit, selling ice creams on a cold winterday in the Sahara.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? They don’t even look like rabbits!”


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  1. Talking about saxophone, I love how it suddenly peeps out at the end of this reggae song, adding an unexpected and delightful jazz touch to it:

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