Song of the day: The Who- Ouverture (Tommy)

Hello everyone,

The new song of the day is made by a group which I like quite a lot. It’s made by the Who, a rockgroup which I can appreciate.

The song of the day is the Ouverture from Tommy. It’s a song which has two sides for me.

Firstly, it has the side from the song itself. It’s a great song, beautifully composed.
Secondly, it has a side which has to do with the end of the year. In the Netherlands, we have at the end of the year a lot of hit charts, where you can vote for, and which contain the best songs of all time.
One of these hit charts is the Top 2000, which contains 2000 of the best songs ever made, and it has around 5 million listeners on a population of 17 million persons!

The Top 2000 uses the Ouverture from Tommy for one of the tunes which you can hear every hour. You can hear it here.

I let you know more about those end of the year hit charts, and my own votes!



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